The Sweet Taste of God's Promises

July 21, 2022

Randy Adams, NWBC Executive Director


Facing reality is a primary task of leadership. Whether you are leading a family, business, church, or baseball team, effective leadership requires that you face the truth of the present situation if you hope to make progress moving forward.


Facing reality is often hard, especially if you don’t like what you see and your actions helped get you into a mess. The solution is repentance, seeking the Lord’s will for your family, church, business or ball team, and making the needed changes.


Though reality can taste bitter, there is a reality that is always sweet and bright and hopeful for those who know Jesus. That is the reality found in God’s promises. It is no exaggeration to say that the Bible is a book of promises. Everett Storms compiled a list of all the promises in the Bible. He identified 7,487 promises God made. There are 31,173 verses in the Bible, so that’s nearly one promise for every four verses.


Some promises are universal. God promised that he will never again destroy the world through a flood. The rainbow is the sign of this promise which God made to “every creature on earth” (Gen. 9:17). Most promises apply only to those who know and serve God. A favorite of many is the final statement in the Great Commission. After commanding his disciples to “make disciples of all nations,” Jesus promised, “I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20).


American Christians are rightly saddened by much of what is happening in our nation. But at the same time, God’s promises are more certain than any other reality. He is present with us. That is a certainty. He is working in and through us. That is a certainty. And he will soon return to usher in a glorious and everlasting Kingdom. That is a certainty. The Bible ends with a promise and a prayer. The promise: “Yes, I am coming soon.”  And the prayer: “Amen!  Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev. 22:20)


As you consider God’s promises, know that the message to our neighbors is the promise that “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Rom. 10:13).


Featured in this issue of The Witness is the Northwest Impact Mission Offering. This offering enables Northwest Baptists to proclaim the promises of God through our churches, collegiate ministries, and by starting new churches.

It is too easy for someone to live their life in the Northwest and never hear the gospel from someone who knows them by name and loves them. Together, as a network of churches worshipping in almost 30 different languages, we must work for the day when every boy and girl hears the gospel message from someone who cares about them. That is the cooperative mission of Northwest Baptists, and you help further that mission through your gift to the Northwest Impact Mission Offering.


I am now in my 40th year of ministry and 10th year as Executive Director of the NWBC. I can testify that God’s promises have not only sustained me, but they have provided a basis for joy and gratitude. God’s promises enable us to know that it is a good day to serve the Lord in the Northwest.