NWBC Elects Officer Slate, Adopts Budget

By Cameron Crabtree

November 23, 2021

Ministry leaders were encouraged to attend to their soul care needs by Joe Chambers of Buena Vista, CO, during the annual meeting of the Northwest Baptist Convention.

Messengers attending the Northwest Baptist Convention’s annual meeting welcomed 15 churches into the three-state network, adopted a $3,980,000 budget for 2022, approved a $150,000 goal for next year’s Northwest Impact Mission Offering and elected new members to the NWBC Executive Board and Northwest Baptist Foundation.


Convening Nov. 8-10 in Grand Mound, WA, the 284 messengers also elected three pastors as new officers: Dan Panter of McKenzie Road Baptist Church, Olympia, WA, president; Bryan Bernard of Grant Avenue Baptist Church, Corvallis, OR, first vice president; and Chad Harms of Creekside Bible Church, second vice president.


The president chairs the NWBC Executive Board and serves alongside fellow officers on the board’s executive committee.


In addition to 284 registered messengers – the term used for those eligible to vote on convention business items – 61 adults registered as visitors participated in the three-day gathering. Together, participants represented 129 of the NWBC’s 500-plus partnering churches.


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Gospel Transforms Life from the Streets

Adapted from NAMB

November 23, 2021

Jeffrey and Patrick Grant

At first glance, no one would suspect Jeffery, a man without a home, was born to affluent parents who were well-known in Portland’s southeast neighborhoods. They wouldn’t know he had a successful business in his 30s or that with his knowledge of plants he had cultivated renowned flowers.

They would see a man with little, whose home was the streets.

“When I met Jeffery, he wasn’t in a good place, but I saw something special in him I don’t often see in other people,” said Patrick Grant, the founding pastor of Woodstock Community Church in Portland. “Maybe it was that I could tell he was really listening when I spoke to him.”

Grant and a member of his church were sitting at the picnic tables outside of his favorite coffee shop when Jeffery approached.

“Jeffery approached us and asked what we were doing. I told him we were talking about the Bible, and I told him I was a pastor,” explained Grant. “I shared the gospel with him and invited him to church at 5 p.m. the next Sunday. He showed up, and he’s been to church virtually every Sunday since.”

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Longtime Ministry Recognized

By Sheila Allen

November 23, 2021

Bruce and Susan Sloan

A desire to do what God wanted was instilled in Bruce Sloan by his parents and has marked his life. With 48 years of vocational ministry behind him, Sloan feels grateful for the spiritual investment his parents and mentors made in his life.


“My folks moved from Oklahoma to the Northwest in 1941 seeking work in the saw mills, and my dad was hired in Glendale, OR,” Sloan recalled. “I was one of seven brothers and have a rich heritage of faith.” His grandfather in Oklahoma started preaching in his 50s.


Sloan was born in 1951, the same year Glendale Baptist Church affiliated with the then Oregon- Washington Baptist Convention, where his father became a deacon. That church eventually ordained the younger Sloan for the gospel ministry in 1974.


“I sensed God dealing with me at age 12 but wasn’t sure what it all meant,” Sloan stated. “I put out an empty chair and talked to God like he was sitting there. Max Daley was one of my pastors and he and other mentors saw things in me that I didn’t see in myself.”


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Equip Worship Aims to Multiply Leaders

By Sheila Allen

November 23, 2021

A friendship formed around the love of music developed into a love for one another as Aaron and Tiffany Zavala met and ministered at a Texas university. Pursuing God’s direction for their lives together soon led to a mission for multiplying worship ministry in the Northwest.


Aaron Zavala, one of seven children, grew up in a family with parents that prayed their children would be musical. He sensed as a 15-year-old teenager that God was leading him to music ministry and followed that calling while earning a degree in music business at Dallas Baptist University.


That education experience provided a foundation in basic music courses, copyright issues, worship leadership, songwriting and more. After graduation, the school hired Zavala to coordinate worship for its 80 student chapel gatherings each year.


Likewise, Tiffany Zavala felt a strong spiritual draw to music and missions that found expression in multiple opportunities to use her abilities on mission trips as she was mentored by a youth pastor.


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NWBC Adds Staff for Church Planting, Evangelism

By Sheila Allen

November 23 2021

Kristin and Rob Walker

The addition of Rob Walker to the Northwest Baptist Convention staff was formalized at the recent meeting of the NWBC executive committee in early November. Walker will serve NWBC churches of Region 4 (most of southern, central and eastern Oregon) in a dual role of church health and church planting.


Walker will serve in the role full-time following the retirement at year’s end of longtime NWBC ministry leader Bruce Sloan (related article on Page #) and the previous resignation of NWBC staff member Ron Allen.


Walker most recently served as senior pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Creswell, OR, for over eight years. During that time he formed a strategic partnership between New Hope Baptist and an IMB East Asia affinity team, working to engage the Hui Chinese, with over 20 teams sent overseas on mission.


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NW Women Celebrate Global Work

By Sheila Allen

November 23, 2021

NW Woman's Missionary Union president Mary Habila leads in prayer during a missions celebration held during the annual meeting of the Northwest Baptist Convention.

An annual missions celebration sponsored by Northwest Women drew more than 120 participants who heard reports of ways God is working around the world and, prayed for missionaries and connected with others advancing the cause of Christ in the Northwest.


The missions celebration and dessert – using the theme “Relentless” -- was held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA, in conjunction with the Northwest Baptist Convention annual meeting. It featured personnel from the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board as well as a parent of an IMB missionary.


Jim *, an IMB worker based in Vancouver, British Columbia, recognized early NWBC personnel for their foundational work of what would become the Canadian Baptist Convention. Efforts to connect with Chinese citizens in British Columbia allow the gospel to reach East Asia as they return to their home country with the good news of Jesus.


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Women Encouraged to Lead with Confidence

By Carol Pipes

November 23, 2021

Ministry leadership always has its rewards and its challenges, but leading through the COVID-19 pandemic brought new meaning to leading through crisis.


“A lot of our confidence has been shaken over the past couple of years in the midst of the pandemic,” said Kelly King, women’s ministry specialist at Lifeway Christian Resources. “The pandemic has forced leaders to trust in the Lord for their confidence and not in their own abilities.”


The Lifeway Women’s Leadership Forum held in Hendersonville, TN, drew more than 800 participants to learn from one another and various ministry leaders, including Kelly Minter, Elizabeth Woodson, Carey Nieuwhof, Kristi McLelland, Tara-Leigh Cobble and Whitney Capps.


Nearly 200 women from 37 states and Canada joined online for the Nov. 11-13 event. The theme was “Confident,” with Jeremiah 17:7 serving as the foundational Scripture: “The person who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is the Lord, is blessed.”


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Historic Move to Send Missionaries from Asia to Africa

By Caroline Anderson

November 23, 2021

Daren Davis

International Mission Board missionaries serving in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Asian Pacific Rim signed a memorandum of understanding Oct. 29 in Kenya that solidified the sending of missionaries from Asia to serve in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Daren Davis, the IMB leader for missionaries serving in Africa, said the signing of the memorandum is a historic step toward seeing Asians engage those in need of the gospel in Africa.


“This is a worthy effort, and we stand here to say we will stand firm, in one spirit, with one mind, striving together, side by side. Why? For the sake of the gospel,” Davis told those who gathered for the signing. “Welcome to this momentous occasion, welcome to this time where we join hands across the ocean to see the next step of partnership, the next step of ‘side by side’ for God’s glory.” 


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