A day at the Fair

By Ruth McHaney Danner

March 29, 2018

Jan Person, who served with the IMB in Africa, uses every opportunity to talk to Missions Fair attendees at North Addison Baptist Church. Here, she tells Emily Myers about her daughter, who currently serves with the IMB in an undisclosed location.

The fellowship hall buzzed with conversations during North Addison Baptist Church’s first Missions Fair. The church, long a fixture in northwest Spokane, had established an On Mission Team a year earlier to plan the fair with a purpose.


“We wanted our members to see what’s already happening in our church,” said Tom Wade, Mission Team leader. “We chose the theme ‘A Mission for Every Person’ to encourage each member to consider how to be involved.”


The event, promoted for several weeks beforehand, took place on a Sunday in January. After morning service and Sunday school, members and guests gathered in the fellowship hall, where display tables lined the walls. Each display featured a mission project or mission-related activity, literature and handouts.


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Evangelism Resource Available

By Cameron Crabtree

March 29, 2018

To equip Northwest Baptist Convention churches with additional evangelism resources, the convention is providing interested congregations with free copies of Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out, a book by Southern Baptist seminary professor Alvin Reid.


“This eight-week course teaches people how to naturally share their faith and includes weekly video and leader questions to make leading the sessions as simple as possible,” said Joe Flegal, the NWBC’s director of evangelism and church health.


Although the material has only recently been introduced, a handful of churches across the Northwest have begun using the material for evangelism training. Among them are Grace and Truth Community Church in West Richland, WA, Martha Lake Baptist Church in Lynwood, WA, Crosspointe Baptist Church in Vancouver, WA, Crosspointe Baptist Church in Bothell, WA, and Highland Baptist Church in Redmond, OR.




Pastor to deaf Serves 40 years

By Sheila Allen

March 29, 2018

A routine class assignment at California Baptist University changed the trajectory of Fred DeBerry’s life. After leaving the Navy where he served during the Viet Nam war and enrolling at CBU, DeBerry volunteered in a school for his classroom assignment.


He wound up at the California School for the Deaf, which was an educational and residential program.


“I had never met a deaf person in my life and volunteered for their Webelo’s group, a Boy Scout troop for fourth and fifth grade boys , in the evenings,” DeBerry said. “I was the only person in the room who could hear and was struggling to learn some basic sign language.”


Within two months DeBerry was offered an early morning job at the residence hall helping the students prepare for their day and the next year was hired to work in the dorm while attending CBU part-time.


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Young Professional Making an Impact

By Sheila Allen

March 29, 2018

Linet Bravo is the proud daughter of Filipino immigrants and was raised as a child in Guam before her family journeyed to Renton, WA.


“My parents were seeking a better life for us,” Bravo said. “Our family began attending Sunset Community Church, (formerly called Calvary Baptist Church) in Renton after we moved to the Northwest and we have been there ever since.”


Although familiar with matters of faith from church attendance, she began taking personal ownership of her spiritual journey as a young adult.


“I wasn’t very active in the youth group and my faith did not really become my own until after I started attending Seattle Pacific University where I took a theology fundamentals course that required we attend different types of churches than we had been exposed to,” said Bravo. “I saw vastly different expressions, but the same passion for God with similar values and was shaped by being exposed to how God is working.”


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Hispanic Church Focusing on Discipleship

By Sheila Allen

March 29, 2018

It may seem like explosive growth, but Carlos Rodriguez believes changes and growth at Iglesia Vida in Renton, WA, have been steady and deliberate.


Rodriguez assumed Iglesia Vida’s pastorate in 2011, when the church had 40 members. Now worshiping at two afternoon services, the congregation has grown to 400 people attending weekly services and begun establishing systems to produce committed disciples.


“I was a missionary with the Northwest Baptist Convention and was trying to assist this congregation and they saw me as a denominational worker there to help them,” Rodriguez said. “The church did not see me as the pastor there to do their work.”


Even though smaller in number, members sensed their own responsibility for ministry. “I believe some churches stagnate because church members expect the pastor to do everything, but that was not the case with us,” said Rodriguez.


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Q & A with Lance Caddel

March 29, 2018

How would you describe your spiritual journey and your sense of call to ministry, both initially and now as you step into a new role?


That is an interesting question, in both cases I wasn’t looking to “work for God”, or to enter into vocational ministry. We didn’t go to church growing up, but I came to know Christ as Savior my Junior year in High School. At that time, I remember thinking, why isn’t the church doing more to reach people and let them know of this incredible gift of salvation. I struggled with that feeling until I was 21, it was then that I felt God tugging on my heart, “calling” me to do more. I didn’t know what that meant but I was willing to clean the bathrooms in the church, if it meant people would come to know Jesus. The day I went forward and told my Pastor that I was surrendering to the ministry, he smiled, prayed for me and then turned me facing the congregation and said, “Lance has come to surrender to preach.” (I said nothing about preaching!) Then he asked the small congregation, most of whom had watched me for the last 4 years, “How many of you knew that God was calling this young man to preach (there’s that word again)?” Chills went up and down my spine as every hand in the building went up. All I could think was, why didn’t someone tell me, it would have made things a lot easier. 


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David Platt departing IMB

Compiled from IMB, Baptist Press reports

March 29, 2018

The Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board trustees are once again looking for a new president to replace David Platt, who recently announced his preference to help mobilize Southern Baptists for global missions as a local church pastor.

Last fall, the trustees’ executive committee approved Platt joining a Northern Virginia church as teaching pastor while also serving as IMB president.  Five months after receiving permission for the dual roles, Platt announced his desire to leave the IMB leadership post he’s held since fall 2014.


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Cooperation in Kingdom Work

By Mary Broussard, Terrace Heights Baptist Church, Yakima, WA

March 29, 2018

Southern Baptists have a long history – more than 90 years now -- of partnership through the Cooperative Program. Together, we pool resources to send missionaries, start churches, and develop curriculum and experiences that train leaders. Each church can connect to its regional association, state convention and the national Southern Baptist Convention. It’s an enterprise international in scope.


Despite this network of partnerships and resources, it is still easy for churches to feel isolated. Rural churches can feel disconnected, pastors can feel lonely and a large number of churches in a state can feel on the fringe of broader SBC life. Northwest Baptist Convention churches are certainly prone to this as we are spread over three states in varied regions. The miles between congregations can breed discouragement.


Pastors in central Washington know these challenges well. However, in recent years, some these pastors have committed to meeting regularly, praying for one another, partnering for the gospel’s advance, and encouraging one another to greater effectiveness.


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