NCM Partnership Born

By Morgan Little

November 10, 2016

Northwest students traveled to Texas to assist with collegiate ministries. Over 40 students and staff from Tarleton States have joined efforts on college campuses across the Northwest.

Clayton Bullion, the Baptist Student Ministries director at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX, and his wife Bethany traveled to Portland in summer 2015 to visit five of their “Go Now” missionaries who were serving with the Northwest Collegiate Ministries (NCM) for the summer.

Since that encountered, something much bigger has emerged.


“Our hope was to encourage our team, visit as many campuses as we could, and get a ‘feel’ for college ministry there and see if there was anything we could do to help,” Bullion said. “We were not prepared for what we encountered.”


From Seattle down to Eugene, OR, they visited 12 campuses and realized thousands of university students were going through school without being engaged with the gospel.


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U of O Targeted for Christ

By Chance Chaffin

November 10, 2016

Editor’s Note: Resonate Church, a multisite church network that began at Washington State University in Pullman nine years ago, is aiming to start churches in more than 20 college towns across the Northwest over the next several years. It recently launched a site at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Following is Chance Chaffin’s first-person account of the experience:


Most of us on the Resonate Eugene team never thought we'd be church planters.


As we each embarked on our collegiate journey at Washington State University, we thought we would leave Pullman as designers, personal trainers, social workers, engineers, or radio hosts, much like the typical college student. However, when Jesus intersected our lives and revealed to us His mission and a strategy to reach the lost, we knew we had to go. There was no longer another option or occupation for us.


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Music Academy Gateway to Gospel

By Sheila Allen

November 10, 2016

Music classes are structured in group settings and include piano, violin, trumpet and more at Luke 7:37 Mission.

Strains of music waft throughout the day at Luke 7:37 Mission, a way-station in Olympia, WA, designed to meet community and spiritual needs through an artistic venue.


Started in 2014 by Sean-David McGoran, the academy is nearing 100 students seeking to become better musicians. Classes are structured in group settings and course offerings include piano, violin, trumpet, brass, woodwind, guitar and more.


“I was a jazz guy and wanted to be a star,” said McGoran, an Auburn, WA, native, who took a circuitous route to return to Washington after years of musical pursuits. A Berklee College of Music graduate, McGoran met his wife, Jackie, at the school before both were followers of Jesus. “God used our first year of marriage to teach us that we couldn’t do it without him.”


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Spiritual Roundup for Cowboy Churches

By Sheila Allen

November 10, 2016

Pastor Tim Moore (left) of Cross Country Cowboy Church prepares to baptize Dave Dolde and Rick and Sherie Dennison at Depression Lake near Mount Baker, WA.

The rich landscape of the Skagit Valley captivates the spirit of the Northwest Washington residents who cherish wild coastlines, flourishing farmlands and immense forests. Many who call the rural, open valley home are immersed in a culture of horsemanship and trail riding, hidden from the metropolitan areas within easy driving distance.


“There are around 1,000 riding clubs west of the Cascades,” said Tim Moore, who is staking a claim for the spiritual needs of those who are passionate about horses. “The riding clubs in the area represent 50,000 people, and many have arenas with nice facilities to meet together.”


Moore developed a strategy to engage the people in riding clubs called C4 – Cross Country Cowboy Church -- a network of weeknight gatherings called “outposts” that include meals, music, worship and connecting that accommodates the lifestyles weekend horsemanship.


“We had quick access to people by participating with riding clubs and volunteering to work on trails,” Moore said. “They have open rides where anyone can come, with multiple events happening every week. Trail riding is huge here and other judged events happen regularly. My wife, Melissa, and I live a half mile from the rodeo in Sedro Woolley.”


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Longtime Collegiate Leader Dies

By Cameron Crabtree

November 10, 2016

Sam Fort

Sam Fort, well-recognized for his influential tenure directing and expanding collegiate ministry for the Northwest Baptist Convention, died Oct. 29. He was 77. Family and friends celebrated his legacy at a memorial service Nov. 12 at Greater Gresham (OR) Baptist Church, where Fort and his wife, Martha, have been members.


“He influenced an entire generation of student leaders and their students to live sold out for the Lord,” recalled Beverly Evans of the Gresham church. “The entire globe is salted with change makers whose world views were broadened due to Sam's influence.”


In an early biography for Northwest Baptist historians, Fort indicated his initial interest in moving to the Northwest from his Texas home: “I wanted to be in a place where needs and opportunities were great. The Northwest appealed to me because such a high percentage of the people were unchurched and unsaved.”


After making contact with leaders in the Northwest, he became pastor of North Addison Baptist Church in Spokane, WA, in 1996. While serving that church as pastor, he also headed the pathology department at Holy Family Hospital while Martha worked as a nurse at Deaconess Hospital.


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